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  • To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Why do I have to to tell you which version of the novel I bought in order to get the details on the contest(s)?
    If You purchased the hard copy of "Ripley of Valor", you can only do the word scramble contest. If you purchased the ebook version, you can also search the illustrations for the hidden objects and double your chances.
  • What happens if I get the right answer in a contest?
    Your name gets entered in a monthly draw. Your name remains in the draw until you win. Then you get to choose your prize. Either a free copy of the second book in the trilogy: "The SALIs of Valor" or a gift. (Mug, T-shirt, etc from the gift shop.
  • Why do I have to include a "Proof of Purchase" with the contest answers?"
    Because someone will invariably post the correct answers on the internet and people who never purchased my novel will try to scam a prize. (Sad but true.)
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