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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Thank you for signing up to my Newsletter. My goal is to keep each one under five-hundred words so it can be read in two minutes or less. I have a passion for medieval novels and story-telling, especially for young and new adults. When I retired from teaching in 2017, writing became my hobby and I wrote the first outline for Ripley of Valor.

I thought it would be fun to rewrite the story into a screenplay and enter contests in the hope of catching the eye of a Hollywood studio. So, I bought some books, read articles on various websites and learned the art of writing screenplays. From those humble beginnings, Ripley of Valor morphed into a trilogy. I actually placed in a few contests but nothing became of them.

Finally, in 2019, I toyed with the idea of writing a book instead so I adapted the screenplay into a novel. When COVID-19 struck and my place of part-time employment shut down in March of 2020, I had plenty of time to devote to self-publishing “Ripley of Valor” and designing my author website.

One of my goals was to keep the adventure going, even after you finished reading the story. How is that possible, you say? Well, I’ve included letter searches and word phrases to solve in the paperback version as well as hidden objects for you to find in the illustrated E-book version. Complete details will be sent to you soon. If you successfully complete the requirements of the contest, your name goes into a draw for a monthly prize.

So, remember; the adventure isn’t over just because you finished reading the book!

Some newsletters will expand on a theme from the novel. (I was a teacher, after all.) My goal is to make Ripley of Valor entertaining as well as educational. I hope you enjoy the adventure!

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